Large Projects

Large Projects: Turning Dreams Into Stunning Environments

My personalized approach to more extensive projects consists of direct collaboration with my clients’ architects, builders, and specialists. By involving me early in the planning stages of new homes or substantial renovations, we carefully design intricate details, select finishes, materials, cabinetry, hardware, and more to align with your preferences and budget. I also coordinate closely with chosen vendors to ensure a seamless integration of plumbing fixtures, countertops, tile, flooring, and lighting, effectively weaving together the themes of each room and the overarching home design.

Whether revitalizing outdated interiors to reflect your current lifestyle or executing the design of a new build to match your vision, I work closely with you. From hand-selecting interior furnishings, finishes, window treatments, and decorative lighting to incorporating unique art and accessories, my role is to create a fresh, captivating space that mirrors your lifestyle. Collaboration remains at the heart of my process, taking into account budget considerations, utilizing heirloom pieces, and ensuring a harmonious flow throughout your home. Working in tandem with the construction team, I bring our shared vision to life, crafting spaces that are not only visually appealing but also deeply resonant with your style and aspirations.

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