Here we are in mid-summer in New England;  after a long winter, it’s still hard to believe that we are enjoying lovely weather!  We want to be outside and not fuss with much of anything inside; how can we still do something fresh and easy for our home interiors?  Here are a few suggestions for adding that light mid-century touch!

One Find a new vase that has an organic shape…where the flowers can appear more free-form, like this Aalvar Alto Savoy vase, created in 1937, and still popular today:

The Savoy Vase – Aalvar Alto

Iittala produces these vases in different sizes and colors….perfect for bringing the outside in.

Iittala Alto Vases

Not up to spending from $100 or more depending on size for a single Alto vase?  How about a group of small vases that take just a stem or two?

Ikea vases available on

3 vases, from IKEA;  available on starting at $15.99…or go to your local thrift shop…

Twochange your kitchen and dining linens!  If you are using the same table cloth and napkins from season to season, and the same kitchen towels, try some of the vintage designs, including florals from Vera (Vera Neumann, 1907-1993 – a textile designer whose offerings included popular scarves in the 1940’s) that have been re-released, and are not expensive and available at local Marshall’s, Macy’s and other stores, as well as Crate and Barrel.  Or find the real vintage Vera on-line or at local thrift shops. (For details on Vera’s life and her designs, and where to find them go to:


Vera’s Flight of Fancy



Current Vera -


Vera – Spice Jars



Vintage Vera –


Three – add a vintage ice bucket!  Mid-century designs vary – starting from the 1940’s West Bend stainless steel model with penguins (we have that one…) to floral and sculptural teak designs and more…find them in thrift and antique shops near you or on-line.


West Bend Penguin Cold-Hot Server


West Bend Server on a Trolley


1970’s Floral Ice Bucket – Etsy -




Jens Quistgaard design c.1960 for Dansk; teak ice bucket.Jens Quistgaard design c.1960.