Entryways not only connect the outside of your home to your interior (see my last three blog posts, Entryways and Interior Design – Moving from the Outside, In – Furniture, Color on the Walls, and Lighting)  but they are also the first impression of your home’s style and who you are.  

What about accessories – and what do those include?  Art…which can provide color, texture and connections to other areas of your home; in the photo below from New England Home, the framed prints which create a gallery wall, provide texture, as well as keeping with the overall neutral palette, and drawing the eye up the stairs.  Their scale keeps the space intimate.


Or perhaps one colorful painting to draw your eye?


Mirrors – you can place a mirror over a console table or cabinet, but how about a large mirror in a Mid-Century entryway, anchors the space over a bench?


In a small, narrow entryway, how about multiple mirrors on hooks?


Decorative hooks as part of a mirror…


And while entryways and the more formal foyers are not meant to be mudrooms, how about some simple, decorative ways to hang items?

Grids of hooks over a radiator become a design element…


More hooks…if you have some wall space and your entryway needs to work as well as have some style!