Benjamin Moore Color of the Year 2014 – Breath of Fresh Air


I”ve always loved the color blue.  Nature gives us quite a few blues!

Robin’s nest with eggs –

Blue is the world’s favorite color, according to a new international research study of nearly 13,000 consumers in 17 countries…..” Without going into details of the survey, conducted by Cheskin, MSI-ITM, and CMCD/Visual Symbols Library, 42 percent of Americans chose blue as their favorite color, as did 47 percent of Germans and 44 percent of Brazilians.

How about some soothing new blues for our interior walls?!

Benjamin Moore”s colors of the year, for both 2012 and 2014 were (are!) blues.  Farrow and Ball, on their web-site, notes that “Back to Nature” (whether from the landscape or the sea) is a theme for 2014;  their choice of blue is darker than the Benjamin Moore choices.

Benjamin Moore Color of the Year 2014 – Breath of Fresh Air –

Farrow and Ball – 2014 Trends – Stiffkey Blue


Three of my favorite Benjamin Moore blues are Silver Marlin, Beach Glass and November Skies – the first two are more subtle and can go bluer or greener, depending on lighting.  November Skies is a somewhat deeper blue-gray.  Blues and greens are quite reactive to lighting and it”s always important to paint any color on a sample board (I use 15″ x 20″ sheets of foam core) and expose it to the light that will be in the room and view the sample board during the day and at night;  under all lighting conditions.


Benjamin Moore – Beach Glass –


Benjamin Moore – November Skies –


I”m also fond of the Benjamin Moore color, Night Train, and used it on the walls in the living room design that Thom Glynn and I created, below.  It”s a deep blue-green-gray.  And to reiterate,  how dark or light the color appears and how much blue or green our eyes pick up, will vary depending on how much light fills the room and the color temperature of that light (cooler to warmer).

Design by Karen Dzendolet and Thom Glynn – Photo by Malcolm Fitzgerald

Paint Names and Numbers

Benjamin Moore Choices: Breath of Fresh Air – 806; Wythe Blue – HC-143;   Silver Marlin – 2139-50; Beach Glass – 1564;  November Skies – 2128-50; Night Train – 1567

Farrow and Ball – Stiffkey – 281

(The color preference details were compiled from and